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Request For Proposal - Design and Development Tourism Based Website Content Management System

Request For Proposal - Design and Development Tourism Based Website Content Management System

OWNER: Grand Canyon Chamber & Visitors Bureau (GCCVB)
 PO Box 3007
 Grand Canyon, AZ 86023-3007

The Grand Canyon Chamber & Visitors Bureau (GCCVB) is seeking SEALED PROPOSALS for
the redesign and development of it’s current website at The
new responsive site must showcase information for both the Chamber and Visitors Bureau
and will be used by member and non-member professionals. Visitors to the website will be
from local, regional, national and international locations. The new site must enhance the
user experience, simplify content management, and provide better information and
customer service to its visitors, residents and businesses, while meeting high standards for
design quality and visual appeal. The GCCVB would like a more ‘User Friendly’ way to
manage website content while improving navigation, functionality, and access to


Submit a PDF by email to or mail a hard copy of the RFP to the Grand Canyon Chamber & Visitors Bureau.

The GCCVB will not consider responses received after the deadline.


Grand Canyon Chamber & Visitors Bureau
PO Box 3007
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023-3007
(928) 638-2901

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Request for Proposals Website Redesign

Request for Proposals Website Redesign

Proposals Due:
July 3, 2014 – 5:00 pm

For more information, contact: Don Tomlinson
MIS Director

Issue Date: June 2, 2014

Scope of Work
The scope of work assumes current content, applications, mapping system and payment engine will be preserved and moved to the new website in the implementation. Requirements include but are not limited to the following list. Recommendations from the successful firm that best meet current and future needs will be considered within budget limitations.

  1. Develop a modern, easy-to-use, interactive, visually appealing, architecturally sound and flexible website that meets customer needs.
  2. Create a standardized page format that can be replicated and maintained site-wide, including font style for titles, content; unified color scheme, and layout.
  3. Provide a content management system to multiple non-technical internal staff. City of Austin will own all content on site.
  4. Provide written content management standards and training for internal maintenance staff across multiple departments.
  5. Provide a framework and architecture that allows addition of new features and online services as budget, technology, and future demands indicate.
  6. Incorporate design elements that make the website easy to navigate, appealing, functional and searchable.
  7. Provide a secure site that meets emerging industry standard guidelines on privacy and accessibility.

Estimated Project Schedule
June 2, 2014 Release RFP
July 3, 2014 Proposals due by 5:00 pm
July 11, 2014 Review of proposals
July 18, 2014 Interviews with top ranked respondents
August 4, 2014 Award and contract approval by City of Austin
December 1, 2014 City of Austin website public launch

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Website Redesign Request for Proposal

Website Redesign Request for Proposal


Live On The Vine - The Long Island Winterfest - (LITV) is a 6 week mid winter music festival that takes place in Long Island’s unique vineyard tasting rooms, hotels, and other venues on the eastend of Suffolk County, New York. The festival currently maintains a web site at The organizers of LITV are soliciting proposals from qualified web designers and developers to redesign the site, incorporating new features, an updated interface, and the latest web technologies.

Existing Site - What’s Good and What’s Not

The existing LITV website was designed several years ago and provides solid foundation upon which a new site can be developed. The festival organizers are generally satisfied with the current organization of content on the site. The LITV logo should be retained in the new design with same or similar color scheme. Copy on the site is generally acceptable, with modification to me made by the festival staff as required during the re-design process. The features that are currently missing and/or lacking on the site include photo and video presentation, social media integration, venue map and transportation information, ticket sale integration and presentation of featured performer information. 

Core Scope 

Your proposal for the re-design of the LITV website should include the following:

1. Use of the WordPress CMS/publishing system. The festival organizers have chosen WordPress as the platform for the new site based on its widespread use and popularity. Please describe and demonstrate your WordPress design and development experience, including deployment without relying on a web control panel. The festival organizers place a high value on working with designers and developers that have a good understanding of how the platform functions “under the hood” rather than simply pointing and clicking to achieve goals. Your proposal should include use of the current (non-beta) WordPress release.

2. Integration of the current LITV logo and the current color scheme of the existing site. Your design proposal should incorporate the current festival logo and should be based on the color scheme of the current site or a or slightly varied color scheme.

Site Schedule
The new LITV site should be launched by apprx. August 22, 2014. Your proposal should include provisions to meet this launch date.

Proposal Requirements and General Information
 This RFP is dated May 2, 2014. 
 Proposals are due no later than 12:00pm EST, June 27, 2014 via email to 
 The completion and delivery dates of the project and its’ phases will be mutually agreed upon prior to signing a contract. 
 All proposals must contain the signature of a duly authorized officer or agent of the company submitting the proposal.
 The price you quote should be inclusive. If your price excludes certain fees or charges, please provide a detailed list of excluded fees with a complete explanation of the nature of those fees.
 Proposals should include pricing clearly differentiating between core scope items and optional scope items.
 Please indicate on your proposal if you are a MWOB




RFP RELEASE: MAY 14, 2014    CONTACT: DANNA GEISLER; 804.239.3565 

The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce (Chesterfield Chamber), a 501(c)6 business membership association representing nearly 550 unique businesses in the Richmond Region, is requesting proposals for website design, ongoing website maintenance and content management, and marketing services. 


The Chesterfield Chamber is seeking proposals for website design that matches the evolutionary growth of the Chamber to primarily: 

 Enhance Chamber Member exposure and promotion. 
 Communicate Chamber news, projects, and initiatives. 
 Deliver easy-to-use event registration. 
 Engage volunteers and host committee discussion forums in a secure environment with username and password management. 
 Highlight the Chesterfield County business community and relevant topics/issues. 


 Offer site search-ability. 
 Communicate and smoothly interact with membership database system. 
 Allow Chamber Members to update company information. 
 Content Management System that allows Chamber staff the ability to update web pages. 
 Incorporate webinars and social media applications. 
 Spanish language translator option. 

Selection of a vendor will be determined by the best return on investment for Chamber Member experience. 
The selected vendor must be a Chesterfield Chamber Member at the time of contract execution. Non-members may submit proposals. 

Proposals may include full or partial in-kind donations for sponsorship incentives. Non-dues revenue generator ideas through a new website are welcome. 


The website design will replace the existing chamber website: The Chesterfield Chamber is currently completing year one of its strategic plan implementation. Read the strategic plan. 

Only proposals with development and rollout timelines will be considered and must include work sessions with Chamber staff and committees for ideas and feedback on functionality and experience. 

The website must be compatible with the Chesterfield Chamber’s membership management database, Chamber Master, or include competitive alternate options. Alternatives must provide functionality and intractability equal to Chamber Master services that allow staff easy access to, and sharing of, critical membership and event information. 

As part of this request for proposals, vendors may submit a subsequent proposal for ongoing website maintenance and content management services. Website proposals must include easy content modification in the event Chamber staff need to manage content in-house. 


In addition, the Chesterfield Chamber is seeking proposals for outsourced marketing work to include: 
 Graphic design (event invitations, individual/ad hoc project branding) 
 Email marketing (weekly Chamber emails to membership) 
 Social media management (existing accounts include Facebook, Twitter, other ideas welcome) 


RFP released May 14, 2014 
Proposals due 5:00 p. m. EST June 16, 2014 
Vendor short-list selected June 30, 2014 (notifications sent) 
Vendor selected July 14, 2014 
Contract executed July 25, 2014 
Soft launch – December 2014 
Formal rollout to membership and community no later than January 2015 

Submitted proposals must include:

 Executive summary and qualifications. 
 Narrative of recommended site structure. 
 Portfolio examples of the vendor’s recent work. 
 Schedule of deliverables: Chamber Member idea and feedback sessions, design completion, website rollout. 
 Budget approach, with options and itemized breakdown of costs for design work and ongoing technical support. 
 Client references. 

Proposals must be submitted electronically by 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, June 16, 2014, to: 

Danna Geisler, President, Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce 

For more info, Please visit:

RFP - Website Development Consultants

RFP - Website Development Consultants

Lambda Legal is a national nonprofit organization that works through impact litigation, public education and policy work to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV. Founded in 1973, Lambda Legal maintains its National Headquarters in New York City and has regional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas.
Lambda Legal litigates approximately 100 impact cases per year, prepares legal documents and fact sheets, provides Know Your Rights information to LGBT people, people with HIV and allies and organizes educational events around the country. Our brand identity is smart, strategic and somewhat wonky. Our website, therefore, is content rich – and our challenge is to make it accessible, inviting and effective.
The primary goals of Lambda Legal’s website are to:
  • Quickly inform visitors about who we are and what we do (establish and strengthen our brand identity);
  • Provide easy and inviting pathways to support our work;
  • Provide easy access to information about how to protect the rights of LGBT people and people with HIV, and about our current and landmark cases;
  • Inspire action and ongoing engagement with our organization.
We seek a firm to provide on-going development and consulting services for Lambda Legal’s Drupal-based website. We require a firm that can work with our team to assess our needs, develop plans to improve the look and performance of our site, design and implement plans, and provide ongoing technical support and assistance to maintain the performance of the site at all times.
Specifically, we seek a firm that has:
  • Extensive engineering and development capacity in Drupal;
  • Experience designing and maintaining websites for nonprofit advocacy organizations;
  • Capacity to provide rapid response, 24/7, for bugs and emergency technical problems;
  • Exceptional creativity and design experience to build and maintain a site that is accessible, engaging and informative to accomplish the goals above;
  • Excellent project management capacity and experience with team projects with nonprofits.
Successful bidders will be:
  • Responsive and well-staffed
  • Established
  • Nimble and cost-efficient
  • Capable of planning and executing with excellence
Request for Proposal and Bid:
Please submit by July 11 a 3-5 page proposal that describes the bidders’ capacity and experience, referring specifically to the five project needs listed above. We will schedule meetings between finalists and key stakeholders in late August and early September. We expect this to be an ongoing, annual contract with specific new projects added throughout the year. Please include a budget for:
  • ongoing technical support and maintenance;
  • a sample project budget (for example, to design and build a mini-site such as the Love Unites Us section on our site; or a new, interactive website section for people to volunteer and sign petitions)
Bidders are encouraged to add or provide links to work samples.
Please send proposals to:
Jorge Morales
Digital Communications Director
Lambda Legal
120 Wall Street
19th floor
New York NY 10005-3919