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Website Design: Request for Proposal June 2013

Website Design: Request for Proposal - June 2013

The Lincolnwood Public Library District is seeking proposals from qualified firms to create a new website for the library.


 Library issues RFP May 24, 2013 
 Deadline for questions June 7, 2013 
 Deadline for submitting proposals June 21, 2013 
 Library completes RFP evaluation July 5, 2013 
 Interview process of candidates July 15-July 31, 2013 
 Present to Board August 15, 2013
 Conclusion of contract and signing September 2, 2013 


The library’s current website (http://www.lincolnwoodlibrary.org), built using Adobe 
Dreamweaver utilizing library and template modules, is largely static. The homepage is heavily graphic and does not have adequate space for announcements and other fresh content updates. The library is looking for a design that is clean and easy to navigate. Approximately two-thirds of the content of the current website will be retained and the new site will be maintained by the in-house webmaster. All proposals must be based on using a web accessible Content Management System and using a theme that has been especially designed for the Lincolnwood Public Library District. We are seriously considering using WordPress as our CMS.

Target Audience

The target audience includes Lincolnwood residents of all ages that are regular library users and non-users but especially residents who may not physically come to the library building.

Lincolnwood Demographic Information
  1. Individuals between 0 to 19 years old -- 24.4% of population
  2. Individuals between 20 to 54 years old -- 39.3% of population
  3. Individuals over 55 years old -- 36.3% of population
  4. Approximately 55% of residents age 5 and older use a foreign language for communication at home
  5. Significant European ethnic groups, primarily: Greek, German, Polish, Russian
  6. Asian ethnicities comprise a full 26.6 % of the population and include significant numbers of Asian Indian, Korean, Filipino and Chinese

Project Requirements

  • Clean, contemporary design with a short page and/or limited scrolling
  • Intuitive navigation with a site structure that does not require multiple clicks to reach desired page
  • Detailed menus with hover-over options (no Flash plug-in necessary)
  • Display equally well in all browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari)
  • Incorporate library’s location, hours, and catalog search in the header
  • Give prominence to My Account, online resources, downloadable books, and upcoming events
  • Incorporate dynamic data feeds to display upcoming events, as well as item information from our catalog, and blog posts, etc., giving staff the ability to easily post library news or promote library services on the homepage
  • Teen and children’s pages should fit in with overall design yet have their own look
  • Be compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments 
  • Incorporate Responsive Web Design, allowing good functionality of website on desktop computers to mobile phones
  • Provide training for key staff in updating and maintenance of website
  • Options to translate the page into foreign languages
  • Staff intranet section that is password protected and not visible or searchable by the public
  • Consulting support for optimal hosting options and statistics gathering

Sites We Like

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh http://www.carnegielibrary.org/

  1. Short page requiring little scrolling
  2. Good emphasis on the essentials on first page: Catalog, My Account, and Databases

Itasca Community College Library http://www.itascalibrary.org/

=> Clean, simple look, white background with soothing color scheme – easy on eyes
=> Great box with rotating News & Updates with options: Adults, Youth, and All 
=> Prominent large buttons for Sign Up for library card, Donations, etc.
=> Would be better if there was a search box for the catalog on the top of front page

Oak Park Public Library http://oppl.org/Lincolnwood

 Clean, modern design
 Menus at top
 Slideshow of events, news, etc.
 The information is divided into sections, i.e. Catalog, Current Happenings, New Arrivals

Salt Lake City Public Library http://www.slcpl.lib.ut.us/

 Clean, modern design
 Easy to navigate through the drop down menus
 Slideshow is a little too big
 Catalog search is always in header

Scottsdale Public Library http://www.scottsdalelibrary.org/

 Drop down menus are like separate pages packed with a ton of information
 No scrolling necessary
 What’s New? Section with bookshelf of new items-links to catalog page

Wilmette Public Library http://www.wilmette.lib.il.us/

 Clean, contemporary look
 Easy-to-read drop down menus
 Contact information and hours part of the header
 Catalog Search, My Account, and Upcoming Events in prominent location
 Slideshow highlighting library services

Proposals Requirements

Submissions that do not include each of the six requirements listed below will not be considered.
1. Reference information for at least 3 clients including their active websites
2. A description of your experience in producing sites for library, non-profit, and/or 
community-focused projects 
3. An overview of your development process
4. A proposed timeline
5. An introduction to your team and their qualifications and details on the portions of the 
project you may outsource
6. An outline of pricing and total cost of this project

Selection Criteria 

Selection criteria will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Quality of portfolio of projects (attractiveness of design, function, and accessibility in provided website design examples)
  • Understanding of modern trends in design and development (HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design)
  • Understanding of web standards and usability 
  • Experience with CMS’s, particularly WordPress, and customization of themes
  • References from previous clients 
  • Cost

Vendor selection will be brought before the library’s Board of Trustees for review and approval on August 15, 2013. The board reserves the right to reject any and all proposal(s) for any reason.

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is not an offer to purchase. The RFP is solely a request for 
expressions of interest and statements of qualifications. It is not an invitation for tenders, an offer to contract, or an invitation for offers capable of acceptance to create a contract. No contractual or other legal obligations or relations between the Library and any other person can or will be created here under. The Library assumes no financial responsibility for the cost of preparation of proposals by respondents nor does it make any commitment to enter into a contract for service based on responses to this RFP. 


Please submit your proposal via email on or before 6:00pm CST on June 7, 2013 to:

 Annica Glenn at aglenn@lincolnwoodlibrary.org AND cc’d to Su Bochenski at

All submissions will be acknowledged within 2 business days of receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please contact Annica Glenn at 847.677.5277.

Submission Details

 Library issues RFP May 24, 2013 
 Deadline for questions June 7, 2013 
 Deadline for submitting proposals June 21, 2013 
 Library completes RFP evaluation July 5, 2013 
 Interview process of candidates July 15-July 31, 2013 
 Present to Board August 15, 2013
 Conclusion of contract and signing September 2, 2013 

If a vendor has any questions about the contents of this RFP, or about any matters relating to it, the question must be directed in writing to Webmaster Annica Glenn via email at 
aglenn@lincolnwoodlibrary.org. All questions will be responded to promptly via email.

Source: http://www.lincolnwoodlibrary.org/pdf/website-RFP-2013.pdf



Definitions: "LBCAP" or “Agency” is the Long Beach Community Action Partnership. 
"Bidder" an individual or business submitting a proposal to LBCAP.

Purpose of Proposal: 

LBCAP is seeking proposals from qualified bidders to provide website design, development and hosting for the agency’s website. 

LBCAP will have this RFP open until 5:00pm on June 7, 2013. The initial decision will be made by June 14, 2013 as to which bidder will satisfy the RFP’s needs. 

Bidders are cautioned to provide as much detail as possible in their proposal pertaining to their capability and experience among other considerations. LBCAP will use a qualification-based selection process to select a bidder for this contract. LBCAP reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive informalities in the proposal process, or to accept any proposal considered most advantageous to LBCAP. 

ACTION REQUIRED: You are invited to review and respond to the Request For Proposals. For questions on this RFP or to submit a proposal please contact LBCAP: 

Long Beach Community Action Partnership Tricia Heath, Operations Director 
3012 Long Beach Boulevard 
Long Beach, CA 90807 
TEL: (562) 216-4610 
FAX: (562) 592-4612 
Email: theath@lbcap.org

For more information about the RFP, Please visit: http://lbcap.org/fileLibrary/file_151.pdf

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Request for Proposals Oregon College Access Network Provider Directory and Web Site Rebuild - June 2013

Request for Proposals Oregon College Access Network Provider Directory and Web Site Rebuild


The nonprofit Oregon College Access Network (OrCAN) is accepting proposals to rebuild the OrCAN web site and develop an online, sortable, searchable database to be used as a directory of providers. The database will need to be integrated into the new OrCAN web site and be able to generate a variety of hardcopy reports for both member users and administrators. The purpose of creating this database is twofold: to better connect professionals throughout the state of Oregon in ways that will help improve the college access services for students and to add value to membership subscriptions to the OrCAN organization.

Proposal Guidelines and Requirements

This is an open and competitive process. Proposals received after June 24, 2013, will not be considered and will be returned unopened. If you wish to submit alternate solutions, please do so. The price quoted should be inclusive. If your price excludes certain fees or charges, you must provide a detailed list of excluded fees with a complete explanation of the nature of those fees. Provisions of this RFP and the contents of the successful responses are considered available for inclusion in final contractual obligations.

Project Background and Scope

OrCAN exists to help Oregonians overcome barriers to education and training beyond high school. We do this by being the statewide hub for data and information; connecting people and organizations; sharing knowledge and resources; providing professional development and networking opportunities; and educating key leaders and policy makers about supporting preparation and persistence beyond high school. Professionals who work with Oregon students and provide financial aid guidance, career counseling, college admission test preparation, scholarship information, or other college access related programs rely on OrCAN to provide connections, resources, and information. The network consists of a team of professionals throughout the state with specific education, training, experience, and knowledge in providing greater opportunities for Oregonians. We are program managers, scholarship administrators, financial aid professionals, youth mentors, workforce retraining specialists, and many others. We work for the common good of Oregon and its citizens to build college access programs in the state. OrCAN provides professionals the resources they need, in the area of the state in which they live, to aid individuals in the successful transition from high school, unemployment, or the workforce, into postsecondary education.

The concept that informed this project evolved from a discussion on provider needs in Oregon. A team of volunteers designed the database specifications. The database will need to integrate with the OrCAN web site (Drupal) and membership management system (CiviCRM).

The OrCAN web site requires re-design of the theme and information architecture, and full migration onto the Drupal platform. The new web site design will need to be user friendly for unskilled administrators to manage content.

Member users will need to be able to submit and update their own information to the database. The content of the program provider directory will need to be exportable and able to generate a variety of hardcopy reports and data visualization, such as scattergrams and other charts.

Proposals may include, but are not required to provide options for hosting and maintenance.


This RFP is dated May 23, 2013.

Proposals are due no later than June 24, 2013. Proposals will be evaluated immediately thereafter. We may request up to three candidates for interviews with our evaluation team prior to selection. Candidates will be notified five working days in advance if this is requested.

We anticipate a selection will be made between July 8 and July 19, 2013.

Work will begin immediately upon agreement of a contract.

System Specifications

OS/Hosting Type: Linux
PHP Version: PHP 5.3 or greater
MySQL/MariaDB: 5.5 or greater
Drupal 7.x

Proposals Must Include:

• Firm name, address, and name, telephone number and e-mail address of primary contact person.
• Proposed process for completing the web site re-design and provider directory database, including testing and anticipated involvement of OrCAN
• Deliverables and timeline
• Total project costs, including a detailed budget and any recurring costs
• Capacity of the firm, including resources, and security policies and practices
• Qualifications of the consultants and developers who will be working on the project and the amount of time each will be committing to this project while it is underway
• Statement of the firm’s internal diversity and equity policies and practices, and any certifications as minority-owned, women-owned, or emerging small business
• References to at least three other similar projects completed within the last three years, including project contact information, description of the project, and URL

Proposals should be submitted electronically by Monday, June 24, 2013, at 5:00 pm to:
Jennifer Satalino

Any questions must be submitted by e-mail to satalino@oregoncan.org. All questions must be received by June 18, 2013.

Incomplete proposals will be rejected.

Project Specifications

Successful vendor will build a sortable and searchable database of programs dedicated to helping students gain access to postsecondary education and training opportunities. This specification sheet describes the types of information to be captured in an online registration form. For complete details of all data to be collected in the directory please contact satalino@oregoncan.org.

The database has three defined sections:
• Program Description
• Population Served Description
• Services Offered Description

Reporting capabilities
Member Reports
• Searchable by keyword
• Searchable by all drop-down categories
• Searchable by county or city

Administrative Reports
All member report capabilities with the addition of the following:
• Generate mailing lists
• Identify expired memberships
• Reports on members and non-members
• Reach of program (numbers served)

• People Description
This data will integrate with the basic registration data currently on the OrCAN web site.
Depending upon the scope of the project, this system may replace the current registration form.
• Program Description
Eliciting information specific to the program or service offered for prospective students.
• Population Served Description
Eliciting information about the populations being served by the program or service.
• Services Offered
Eliciting data on the types of services offered.
• Additional Information

Source of RFP, Please visit: http://groups.drupal.org/files/OrCAN_Directory_RFP201301.pdf

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RFP for Website Development for the Valley OJT Initiative

RFP for Website Development for the Valley OJT Initiative

Attached is the RFP for Website Development for the Valley OJT Initiative. Please see below the timeline for RFP events. Please direct any inquiries or questions to Alex Berry, Valley OJT Project Manager at aberry@valleyworkforce.com

May 14, 2013: RFP is released
May 24th, 2013: Emailed questions regarding scope and content of the RFP will be answered until 4:30pm.  After the end date no more substantive questions will be taken.
June 10th, 2013: Deadline for submission to Solicitor.  Offeror must submit all required materials by 5:00 or they will be considered non-responsive.
June 11th, 2013: SVWIB begins review of all responsive, submitted proposals.
June 17th, 2013: Proposal will be selected
June 18th - June 21st, 2013:  Final negotiations between Solicitor and Offeror
June 24th, 2013: Final Award

Source: http://valleyworkforce.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Website-RFP-Final.pdf


Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) is embarking on a web site redesign and development project as specified in this document. The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) process is to provide companies with the information and requirements necessary for the preparation of a professional and detailed proposal.

About CBA
CBA was founded in 2006 for and by nonprofit microenterprise and asset building organizations to fill a critical gap in the delivery of microloans and financial services – the ability to report loan payments to credit bureaus and build credit histories for the unbanked and under banked consumers and entrepreneurs.

Having a credit history and a good credit score often defines whether an individual has access to mainstream banking and financing services. Improved credit scores also give low-income borrowers access to more competitive interest rates, safer financial products, and less vulnerability to predatory lenders. People with good credit ratings will pay approximately $250,000 less in interest throughout their working lives.

In 2007 CBA launched a service and online tool – CBA Reporter – that allows lenders to report microloans through CBA. Through a special arrangement with leading credit bureaus, CBA provides the technical support and training that builds capacity with hundreds of small local organizations around the US that wouldn't otherwise be able to report.

Today , through CBA's empowerment of 125 nonprofits to report over 16,000 loans monthly and 250 nonprofits to access over 50,000 credit reports annually, CBA has an outsized impact on the financial lives of thousands of individuals and small businesses. Nonprofits now use credit reports as a financial resume for better underwriting, financial coaching and client outcome tracking. There are as yet many more untapped nonprofits that could benefit from being part of the CBA network and CBA's website should be targeting this group.

CBA provides extensive technical assistance to help nonprofit lenders become eligible for reporting to bureaus and to become credentialed with leading bureaus in less time and with less cost than is typically associated with establishing a reporting capability. CBA complements our services with powerful "Credit is an Asset" training to help nonprofits develop a culture around the concept of credit as an asset and to be able to implement innovative credit building tools and strategies with their clients.

Since its inception CBA has built knowledge and capacity among 1,000 nonprofits to leverage our "credit building is an asset" platform. Our technical assistance, training, special programs and thought leadership is widely trusted as we build greater capacity for individuals and small businesses to access mainstream financial services and build wealth. CBA's goal is to extend this knowledgeplex of content to the organization's website for greater online service.

CBA is looking for a website development partner to help us build a new flexible and easy to manage website that reflects our innovation in credit building and that will help position us for growth. CBA has done some internal foundational work for the website redesign and is looking for a partner to review and validate the work-to-date and help move us forward. The new CBA website will need to support the organization's mission and goals, both near- and long-term, providing unique tools and services that hundreds of nonprofit organizations would not otherwise have the capacity to access
This RFP has been developed following an internal review process, which has helped define CBA's current organizational and website goals. The guiding objectives for the website redevelopment are to:

  1. Build a new website with a flexible foundation for future development and growth
  2. Promote CBA's value proposition to prospective members, members, funders, partners and potential partners, as well as the broader asset building community
  3. Increase the number of nonprofit lenders and nonprofit financial coaches signing up for CBA membership and other services available to members such as CBA Reporter, CBA Access and CBA Technical Assistance
  4. Direct consumers to resources and to CBA members that can be helpful
  5. Drive practitioners and organizations to register and access webinars and trainings online, and/or to request private CBA technical assistance
  6. Enhance member/user experience through improved delivery of CBA credit building services, tools, resources and other member benefits
  7. Create the "Go-to" community for credit building as an asset strategy by sharing member success stories, data, and outcomes/impact research as available

Audiences and Users

  • CBA General Members
  • CBA Reporter Members
  • CBA Access Members
  • CBA Partners
  • Staff
  • Funders
  • Potential CBA Members
  • Potential CBA Partners
  • Board Members
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Software Providers

Website Attributes
CBA consumers, staff, board members and partners were tapped for input and reflection on what a topnotch CBA website should provide. The research and its results are described in CBA's Website Strategy document (see CBA's Preparatory Work-to-Date below), however, the following are key features desired for the website and the third party tools that may be required for meeting the organization's objectives:

Updated Design. Progressive, sophisticated design that reflects the brand identity of CBA, promotes CBA, and improves usability. Sitting at the crossroads of social services and the mainstream financial sector, the CBA website should reflect CBA's innovative and entrepreneurial style as well as its audiences.

ØUser-friendly, intuitive, clean and modern website with templates and style sheets that are easy to maintain by CBA staff.

ØMarketing forward, visually compelling site that promotes CBA's value proposition, information and services to increase membership and the adoption of CBA's credit building services and education.

ØGraphical interface for searching and finding directory and profile information about CBA member organizations and services. Level of detail provided dependent upon permission. Profiles will be searchable, visually appealing, and include organization mission, services provided, area served, constituents served, location map, link to website and social media, as well as links to any detailed profiles or member contributions.

ØStronger calls to action on the website. Encouraging more nonprofits to report means making the message and the process simpler for visitors to the site. With supportive messages, visitors can be educated about Reporter or Access and guided through the initial steps of becoming engaged as a CBA member.
·New CMS Platform. Recommend and implement a new CMS that provides CBA the technology platform and resulting functionality to achieve the core objectives of:

ØFlexible system that will support the new IA while enabling CBA to expand and adapt the website as it continues evolve and grow.

ØEasy integration with 3rd party systems. (Salesforce integration experience strongly preferred. Salesforce, already in use by CBA, is critical to serving its customers.)

ØOnline forms and ability to collect data via CBA applications, inquiries and evaluation tools.

ØAutomated username and password environment (site registration) for nonprofit lenders and credit building coaches (nonmember access to Tool Kit, Secure Credit Card, Outcome Tracking, Training/Webinars etc.).

ØMembers only environment that allows multiple contacts associated with a CBA Member Organization access to content and member benefits (i.e. free webinars, detailed member information and other as designated content).

ØContent-rich site with role- or permissions-based access for greater segmenting of content based on member/non-member status and services procured. Member organizations with CBA Reporter and CBA Access would designate organizational contacts that would have greater access to proprietary technical information and assistance through the CBA website that supports the CBA credentialing process, special Reporter use cases, client-side software questions, among other. Not all organizational contacts need all content.

ØMember Dashboard. Landing page that members see when they log into CBA with info determined by their member status. Contains information such as contact info, ability to reset password, status of their membership and invoices, where they are in the steps to becoming a CBA Reporter or Access report puller, and other content that CBA determines as appropriate. Content for this page is from the member record in Salesforce and/or content within the CMS.
ØIncrease user functionality that creates a more self-service member capability that in turn reduces the support work load for CBA staff.

ØFlexible website architecture and knowledgeplex with easy to manage permissions and navigation controls. That means CBA staff will be able to add new content, establish additional sections to accommodate new programmatic initiatives, and respond to the evolving needs of nonprofit clients.

·A variety of options that will help CBA prioritize core functionality and integration needs within the project budget for the short term and add new features as funding permits down the road. Examples of such "deferred" features could include increasing interactivity for members, including the ability to join listservs and groups within the CBA network, as well as the ability to collect and share outcome tracking or other data to demonstrate CBA and its members' economic impact. A strong foundation and flexibility for growth is thus essential for future expansion.

·Third Party Integrations. Based on the draft functional requirements, below is a list of integrations needed to make the website fully functional to the needs and objectives of CBA.
2)Email Tool
3)Payment Processor/Merchant Account
4)Google Analytics
5)Webinar (Registration) Tool
6)Blog Tool (possibly part of core CMS)
7)Content database
8)Site Search Tool
9)Forms ("tell me more", member and service applications – with Salesforce, evaluation tools)

CBA's Preparatory Work-to-Date
Below are steps that have been taken on this project to date. An internal review has been underway to understand the needs and wishes of CBA's audiences and what members currently value about CBA. The information gathered refined and focused CBA's current website goals. It also led to considerations of future work and how CBA services and value to members can be enhanced going forward. Again, CBA looks for a partner to review this work, to add value and help us finalize as needed to move forward with design and development.

ØWebsite Audit and Analysis. An analysis of the site was conducted, including review of the existing site architecture, navigation and/paths to content, calls to action, messaging and content on the top pages, graphics implementation, as well as the analytics quantifying the behavior of visitors to the site.

ØMember and Staff Interviews. One-to-one focus interviews were conducted with CBA staff and audiences to identify the primary reasons they visit the website, what they value about the CBA website, their challenges in accomplishing their goals on the site, what could be improved and what mattered most to users. The interviews revealed a few top website values and use cases for all audiences.

ØWebsite Strategy. A website analysis and strategy with a narrative overview of high-level website architecture and requirements has been drafted to help coalesce the organization's thinking and wishes for the site.

ØProposed Information Architecture. CBA has a working site map in progress and is seeking review by our partner, best practice recommendations to enhance the site map and define requirements accordingly.
ØDraft Functional Review. In addition to the website analysis and interviews, CBA also conducted an operational and functional review of CBA's processes for bringing in new members, providing them on-going support, and educating them and credit building nonprofits.


Your proposal should include all of the following:
·Description of how you would approach the CBA project building on the work completed and moving the project forward.
·Recommendations and/or functions not included in the RFP that could benefit the website project.
·General timeline and outline of steps for project completion.
·Estimated budget with components delineated and any stand-alone elements defined should the budget require a phased approach.
·Staff structure and individuals involved in managing and delivering on the project. Description should include background, skills and experience working together as a team.
·Three samples of similar projects you have completed for other clients with at least one member-driven organization represented and if available, a nonprofit sample.
·Three appropriate client references, including contact names, contact phone and email.


·Proposal Due Date.Complete proposals are to be submitted to rfp@creditbuildersalliance.org by May 31, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. You may submit questions to CBA at anytime within the window and we will get responses within 2 business days.

·In-Person Presentations. CBA will notify contractors selected for a follow-up by June 8, 2013. Interviews will be conducted beginning the week of June 10, 2013. Key personnel should be present at this presentation.

·Selection. CBA will make its decision by June 22, 2013 and seek to have a contract in place by July 1, 2013.
CBA's decision will be based upon a variety of factors such as but not limited to the Contractor's:

1)Ability to communicate and define a process for how they would implement a website development plan to achieve the goals CBA defined work
2)Resources/capacity to perform the required work
3)Demonstrated ability to offer timely delivery within a defined budget
4)Thought leadership for how the CBA website could support future initiatives
5)Salesforce integration experience
6)Experience with nonprofits and/or member-based organizations
7)Quality of documents submitted

How to apply

·Proposal Due Date.Complete proposals are to be submitted to rfp@creditbuildersalliance.org by May 31, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. You may submit questions to CBA at anytime within the window and we will get responses within 2 business days.

·In-Person Presentations. CBA will notify contractors selected for a follow-up by June 8, 2013. Interviews will be conducted beginning the week of June 10, 2013. Key personnel should be present at this presentation.

·Selection. CBA will make its decision by June 22, 2013 and seek to have a contract in place by July 1, 2013.

CBA's decision will be based upon a variety of factors such as but not limited to the Contractor's:

1)Ability to communicate and define a process for how they would implement a website development plan to achieve the goals CBA defined work
2)Resources/capacity to perform the required work
3)Demonstrated ability to offer timely delivery within a defined budget
4)Thought leadership for how the CBA website could support future initiatives
5)Salesforce integration experience
6)Experience with nonprofits and/or member-based organizations
7)Quality of documents submitted

Source: http://www.idealist.org/view/job/32PDphkPs8h8d/

Website Design – Request for Proposal May 2013

Website Design – Request for Proposal - Invitation to Submit Proposal

Town of Nanton Website Design

The following Request for Proposals is being issued by the Town of Nanton to determine interested website design firms that are suitably qualified and experienced in the development of a municipal web page.

The objective of this proposal call is to select the most qualified consultant / contractor to provide design services conforming to The Town’s standards.

Request for Proposal: 09-05-2013 
Description: Website design with up to date functionality and future functioning capability 
Date Issued: May 9, 2013 
Closing Date: May 24, 2013 
Closing Time: 4:00 p.m. 

The Town reserves the right to cancel this Request for Proposal for any reason without any liability to any proponent or to waive irregularities at their own discretion.

Proposals shall be irrevocable until the Town awards this Contract, cancels this Request for Proposal, or a minimum of 60 days, whichever occurs first.

All proposals will remain confidential, subject to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

For more information about the RFP, Please Click Here: http://www.town.nanton.ab.ca/files/%7B1AD9F709-0A63-462A-B0E2-33B72368555B%7Dwebsite_RFP.pdf

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Request for Proposals Corporate Website Development

Request for Proposals Corporate Website Development
Background Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. (CSD) is a non-­‐profit 501(c)(3) organization with an office in Austin, Texas. Our primary mission is to provide businesses and services providers with the knowledge, expertise, and resources they need to serve their deaf and hard of hearing consumers. The range of services we provide include sign language interpreting, program administration, and contact center services. We have successful partnerships with government entities at both the federal and state levels, as well as private companies, such as Qwest Communications. More information on CSD can be found at www.c-­‐s.d.org.

Purpose CSD seeks web developing services to support our corporate website redesign. The new website will be created with a design and feature set that represents the new direction CSD is heading. Our primary target market will be to businesses and service providers who serve deaf and hard of hearing consumers. An understanding and knowledge of the needs and cultural nuances of deaf and hard of hearing people must be reflected in the web site to inspire viewer confidence that CSD is the best company to partner with to reach the deaf and hard of hearing market. 

Milestone Dates 

April 24, 2013  - RFP released 
May 3, 2013  - Questions due via e-­‐mail by no later than 5pm CST 
May 6, 2013  - Answers sent via e-­‐mail by no later than 5pm CST 
May 10, 2013 - RFP responses due by e-­‐mail at COB 
May 13-­‐15, 2013 - Proposal responses evaluated 
May 16, 2013  - Vendor chosen and notified by e-­‐mail 
May 17-­‐22, 2013 - Contract negotiations and execution 
July 1, 2013 - Site Launch (on or before)

Source: http://www.c-s-d.org/WebsiteRFP.pdf

Website Redesign and Development Request for Proposal

FUTUREWISE - Website Redesign and Development Request for Proposal

I. Submission Timeline and Format

Monday, April 29, 2013: RFP advertised.
Friday, May 24, 2013: Deadline for submitting proposals.
May 28-June 4, 2013: Interview Candidates
By Friday, June 7, 2013: Award contract

The RFP coordinator for this project is:
Angela Uhl | Associate Director
816 Second Ave. Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104
Email: angela@futurewise.org

Submissions must be in the PDF format and may be delivered via e-mail to the RFP coordinator. All questions should be directed to the RFP coordinator. All submissions received after the due date will not be considered. Futurewise may request an interview with vendors with the highest rating.

For ease of reference, each firm receiving this RFP is referred to as a “firm” and the firm selected to provide services for Futurewise is referred to as the “selected firm.” This RFP states the instructions for submitting proposals, the procedure and criteria by which a firm may be selected.

III. Project Overview

Futurewise seeks an experienced firm to redesign www.futurewise.org and implement technologies to meet the objectives outlined in this document. This will be a concept to completion production, from scoping to information architecture, design, development, and deployment.

The audience of Futurewise’s website includes three distinct categories: (1) lifestyle urbanists and environmentalists, (2) smart growth activists, and (3) public officials, planning and design professionals. In addition to educating and mobilizing each of our audiences, Futurewise views each audience as a prospective member and donor. An additional important audience is foundations, corporations and major donors.

For more info about the RFP, Please visit http://futurewise.org/Futurewise%20Website%20RFP%204-29-13.pdf