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GIS Colorado Request for Proposals – Website Development and Maintenance

GIS Colorado Request for Proposals – Website Development and Maintenance

RFP Issued:  September 13, 2013
Proposals Due:  November 4, 2013 by 5pm Mountain Time

Contact Information: with the Subject being “GISCO Website RFP”

GIS Colorado is a non-profit organization represented by members of the GIS community throughout Colorado. The organization started as a group of GIS professionals wishing to help each other to better use GIS technology. With the rapid growth of GIS nationwide, Colorado’s GIS community has exploded. Therefore, GIS Colorado has grown to do much more. Besides maintaining a resource directory of GIS users throughout the state, we also host a very popular listserv where GIS professionals can ask thousands of users for assistance or advice. And, GIS Colorado acts as a unified industry advocate for GIS at the state and federal levels.  Our current website is

GIS Colorado is in need of a website redesign that can support the organization and our members.  It must be able to be managed by a non-profit volunteer organization over the years.  The previous website was created in Joomla which the organization was not able to manage effectively and was shut down.  The new website must be easier to manage with limited and rotating staff and be able to support the essential components listed in Section 2.  


A.  Essential Functionality

1)    Permissions
a)    It is important the site has different levels of permission.  Some are set and some will have to be customized based on the functionality needed.
b)    Multiple permissions levels
i)      Administrator (multiple accounts to be set as Administrators)
ii)     Paid Member
iii)    Public
iv)   Custom Level based on functionality (can post/edit articles, job board, calendar, meeting minutes, etc.)

2)    User Management
a)    It is important that a member be able to create a login and manage their account. This includes the following:

i)      Edit/Change their contact information.
ii)     Pay yearly membership with PayPal after signing in.
iii)    Administrators being able to add information to their account such as membership status, last paid date, etc. 

3) Pages/Menus
All content can be created and edited by administrators.   Essential pages are below, but additional pages will need to be added or removed at any time.

a)    Front Page
i)      The front page is the starting point for finding information about the organization and the content on the web site.  At a minimum it must include the following:
ii)     GIS Colorado Logo
iii)    Navigation menus (customized/added/removed by administrators)
iv)   Articles and announcements (as posted by administrators)
v)    Login to the website for administrators and members

b)    Meeting Minutes
i)      An area where Administrators can post GIS Colorado meeting minutes as PDF files and users can view the minutes.

c)    Presentations
i)      An area where Administrators can post summaries and agendas for meetings.
ii)     Attach user presentations (PPTs, PDFs, etc. ) for each meeting.

d)    An area on the website to store Board of Director related files and documents that are managed and viewed by Administrators only (upload, view, and delete files.)

e)    Calendar
i)      Paid members and Administrators can post an event without any approval
ii)     Free members can post an event but it will have to approved by Administrator (email sent to Administrators for notification)

f)     Jobs board
i)      Paid members and Administrators can post an event without any approval
ii)     Free members can post an event but it will have to approved by Administrator (email sent to Administrators for notification)

g)    Resource Directory
i)      Allow free members to create a profile and share their organization and contact information with others.
ii)     Allow paid members to choose to share specific information already created in their profile (see #3) with the public.

For more information about the RFP, Please visit:

Website Request for Proposals (RFP)

Website Request for Proposals (RFP) - Proposals due - October 21st 2013


The Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) is preparing for a website redesign located at Colorado Provider Recruitment (CPR) is a program of CRHC but currently has its own site and domain, The CPR site must be integrated into the CRHC site while keeping its own domain. The site maps for CRHC and CPR, respectively, can be found here: and 

There have been programming problems with the current CPR site that will need to be addressed and solutions created. Additionally, the current CRHC site has relevant content, but the formatting is difficult to navigate and maintain. Dreamweaver is used for website updates and a simpler program is desired to reduce maintenance time and to lessen the technical skills required of staff. 

New additions to the website include an interactive password-protected area where members will be able to access privileged information. The overall template for the website should be created in a manner that allows content and graphics to be changed easily and regularly by staff. 

The site does not need to rely on a database to display information. It relies on a static, HTML display. 


The project will begin in January 2014 with an end date no later than December 2014. The budget will be determined based on the lowest cost, highest quality proposal estimates. 


CRHC must own or have full access to and have the right to customize site code. Terms for proposal: 

For more info about the RFP, Please visit:

Request for Proposal Comprehensive Redesign of NAHMA Website

Request for Proposal Comprehensive Redesign of NAHMA Website 

RFP Overview 

The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) desires a comprehensive redesign of its website, To do so requires identifying and retaining the services of a contractor who specializes in state-of-the-art website design and architecture to improve all design and performance aspects of the NAHMA website, including but not limited to: 

* Visual appeal, readability, navigation ease of the site 
* Functionality of e-commerce and search aspects within the site 
* Compatibility with mobile devices 
* User friendly content management system 
* Integration with NAHMA’s social media sites 
* Search engine optimization 
* Integration of unique existing features, such as online searchable directories tied to NAHMA’s in-house custom database, NAHMA Maps, etc. 
* Redirection of old URLs to new URLs (where new URLs are implemented) 
* Creation of two sitemaps (one in HTML and one in XML) 
* Other features as may be recommended by the contractor and agreed to by NAHMA 

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from a contractor who specializes in state-of-the-art website design and architecture to work with NAHMA on the comprehensive redesign of 

About NAHMA 

NAHMA is the leading voice for affordable housing management, advocating on behalf of multifamily property managers and owners whose mission is to provide quality affordable housing. NAHMA supports legislative and regulatory policy that promotes the development and preservation of decent and safe affordable housing, is a vital resource for technical education and information, fosters strategic relations between government and industry and recognizes those who exemplify the best in affordable housing. Founded in 1990, NAHMA’s membership today includes the industry’s most distinguished multifamily owners and management companies. 

NAHMA is the voice in Washington for 19 regional, state and local affordable housing management associations (AHMAs) nationwide. For more information, please visit 

Scope of Work 
The selected contractor must be able to meet deadlines set by NAHMA for the comprehensive redesign of that include in part: 

=> Dialogue with NAHMA staff and member representatives on website design and 
functionality recommendations. 
  1. Currently, the website encompasses some 250 webpages, two secure e-commerce pages, hundreds of links and PDFs, and two online search directories powered by uploaded data from NAHMA’s membership database. A comprehensive inventory of the current NAHMA website will be provided to the selected contractor (in the form of an Excel matrix) at project startup. 
  2. NAHMA’s preliminary preference is for a LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Also, we prefer a responsive design framework (such as Bootstrap) that will ensure the redesigned site is mobile friendly using a standardized system. 
  3. As part of the redesign project, NAHMA is interested in receiving recommendations or bids for a new host for its new website. 

=> Submission of a detailed proposal, along with a set of three proposed visual/design comps, for the comprehensive redesign of the NAHMA website within 45 days of executing a contract with NAHMA. NAHMA will provide feedback to the contractor within 30 days of its receipt of the proposal and visual/design comps. (Wireframe designs are welcome as part of the design development process.) 
=> The contractor will incorporate NAHMA’s feedback and complete the comprehensive redesign and development of the NAHMA website within 90 days of receiving NAHMA’s feedback. During this process, the contractor will stay in touch with NAHMA and seek ongoing feedback whenever the contractor has a question or concern about the redesign project. 
=> Once the website goes live, the contractor will commit to fix any design or functionality problems identified within the first year of operation. 
=> The contractor will provide full documentation of the web site using GitHub in such a manner that other developers can understand how the site functions. 
=> The contractor will release all intellectual property rights to NAHMA upon full payment. 
=> The proposal should be all-inclusive covering any stock art or other third-party consultants. 
=> The contractor will take great care with existing inbound links to insure that search traffic is not lost to broken links. 
=> Search Engine Optimization is a very important component of this project. The contractor shall use a commercially available SEO monitoring service such as to track SEO improvements and ranking increases. 
=> The contractor will integrate NAHMA’s Google Analytics account into the project. 

NAHMA Support 

NAHMA will administratively support the contractor as follows: 
 Provide a comprehensive matrix outlining the current site content and layout and pages/files that are active / important. 
 Provide ongoing feedback as requested by the contractor. 3 of 4 October 2013 
 Assume liaison role in coordinating feedback from NAHMA member representatives during the redesign process.  

RFP Procedures 

RFP responses should address the following criteria, which will be carefully assessed during the review process: 

 Contractor’s credentials and experience in comprehensive redesign of websites (see 
Contactor’s Qualifications, pg. 4) 
 Ability to meet specific deadlines outlined in the RFP and the contract executed between NAHMA and the contractor (please note, financial penalties may apply for missed deadlines) 
 A proposed “not to exceed” cost for providing all required deliverables in the timeframe outlined in this RFP, as well as an itemized breakdown of proposed costs 
 References applicable to expertise 

RFP and Project Timeline 

Date                   Activity 
Oct. 2, 2013 RFP published and announced 
Nov. 11, 2013 RFP responses due 
Nov. 11, 2013 NAHMA review of responses begins 
Dec. 2, 2013 Review/follow up with contractors on proposals (if necessary) 
Dec. 16, 2013 Final selection of contractor 
Jan. 6, 2014 Execution of contract with NAHMA 
Feb. 28, 2014 Detailed proposal for redesign with three visual/design comps due from contractor 
Mar. 28, 2014 NAHMA comments due to contractor 
June 28, 2014 Completely redesigned website ready to go live 
Through June 2015 Contractor makes any fixes required to redesigned website 

Please e-mail responses to (or questions regarding) this RFP to, and please also mail a hard copy of responses to: Scott McMillen, National Affordable Housing Management Association, 400 N. Columbus St., Suite 203, Alexandria, VA 22314. 

Contractor’s Qualifications 

Please provide answers to the following questions in as efficient a manner as possible. 


1) Provide a brief history of your company, including the number of years your firm has been in business and the number of years of experience in the association website design field. 
2) Describe your company’s mission. 
3) Provide a brief summary of your company’s operations. 
4) How many employees work for your company and how many would be dedicated to this project? 
5) Provide a partial list of your company’s customers and the type of services that you provide them. 

6) Describe your company’s experience with similar programs/projects. 
7) What distinguishes your company and your products from your competition? 

8) Provide a detailed description of the work plan for comprehensive redesign of NAHMA’s website.  
9) Describe your process for responding to information requests and updates from NAHMA. 
10) Please provide your proposed total fee for executing the redesign of NAHMA’s website as outlined under RFP Overview on page 1 and Scope of Work on page 2. Please present as a total proposed “not to exceed” cost for providing all required deliverables in the timeframe outlined in this RFP, as well as an itemized breakdown of fees. 

11) Please list the organization name, contact person and telephone number of three (3) references for similar projects, as well as a brief description of each project. 

12) Provide any other information that you believe is pertinent to this Request for Proposal. 


Request for Proposals IFRS Foundation – Subscription website redesign

Request for Proposals IFRS Foundation – Subscription website redesign

Purpose of Document

The IFRS Foundation is looking for a partner to work with on the redesign of its subscription website.

This document lays out the key information for applicants to be able to make a proposal to the Foundation on potential approaches and solutions.

The Foundation would like to have all declarations of interest communicated ASAP and no later than 1 November.

The Foundation would like to conclude the selection process by 8 November. With this in mind successful candidates will be invited to present their proposals and costings to the Foundation in the week commencing 4 November.

Implementation will commence, pending supplier availability, soon after, with a target completion date for the design element of December 2013.


The Foundation intends to embark on a project to improve the commercial performance of eIFRS (—the Foundation’s web-based subscription product, which provides access to its Standards, publications and supporting materials—and to provide a level of user experience expected of a modern, professional information service.

Recently the Foundation undertook a feasibility study to investigate customer demand for redevelopment of eIFRS. This was supported by qualitative and quantitative customer research. A number of clear and consistent messages emerged from the research, for example:

(a) whilst recognising that eIFRS has a wealth of good content, users find the service opaque and difficult to use. They would like to see more intuitive and seamless navigation;

(b) the user experience is not intuitive, as a result of which users report they ‘find’ content or ‘stumble on’ content rather than effectively navigating to it. Content organisation needs to better support typical user workflows; and

(c) users also reported that the search function was confusing and misleading.

In summary, organising the content effectively and providing the user with easy and intuitive navigation to the content will be key to the success of the project.

These are some of the issues that must be addressed to ensure that our products also deliver on our mission of acting in the public interest.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Website Redesign: Request for Proposal (RFP)


The Homeless Alliance of Western New York (HAWNY) is a not-profit independent organization of over one hundred organizations working together to facilitate dialogue and strategic action to end homelessness and promote public policies that address the needs of persons experiencing homelessness and low-income population. 

Project Background 

HAWNY website address is . The website was created for the purpose of providing a free information resource that is addressing issues related to poverty and homelessness in our community. 

What prompted the redesign of the website? 

  • The site in general is dated and difficult to navigate. 
  • We are using WordPress to manage the web page but it’s not easy to navigate the changes. 
  • We want the site to better describe what we do as a Continuum of Care. 
  • Need to consolidate the BAS-NET page which is currently set as a Word Press file. 
  • The Poverty Challenge page needs more visual impact 
  • The site should list our partners and those that receive funding 
  • Links to homeless and poverty data such as our annual reports, local and national research papers from our partners is not easy to find. 
  • We need a human services information page that is easily accessible to the public that will link people and providers to programs and services or 211. 
  • The site does not have a readily accessible contact form. 
  • Links do not open in a different tab.
  • We can’t upload files larger than 2 MB and this limits our research page. We are currently linking files to Sky Drive. 
  • Need page for both staff and board members. 
  • The email boxes are currently limited. We need about 7-10 email boxes with a minimum capacity of 250MB each. 
  • Not easy for people to find minutes and agendas of our monthly meetings. 

Project Goals 

1. To make it easier for readers to find content 
2. To make the website more visually appealing, but very easy to navigate 
3. Integration with social media 
4. To have a user friendly web creator 
5. Expand our membership user and research base 

Target Audiences 

The target audiences are as follows: 

HAWNY members 
The General public 
Human Service providers 
Policy Makers 
Members of the media 

Web Hosting 
We are currently using Blue Domino for web/email hosting but are open to changing. 


The Homeless Alliance will write the copy for the redesigned site with the assistance from the vendor. 

Content Management and Ownership 

The content of the website will be managed in-house by non-technical staff. The staff will be required to undergo some basic training on how to do updates. The Homeless Alliance will own all content and design. 

Required Elements  

  1. A dynamic donation page 
  2. A real blog with approved users 
  3. Social media integration 
  4. Internal search for services, documents 
  5. A calendar of events page 
  6. Unlimited or larger capacity web space and email 

ADA Compliance 

The website should be compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Traffic Reporting 

Google analytics currently installed but are open to suggestions as to the improvement of traffic reporting. 

Proposal Instructions 

As part of your proposal, please address the following: 

1. Project Budget. The budget should also include hourly cost for maintenance if needed, troubleshooting and training of staff on how to do website updates. 
2. Your approach to website design. 
3. Details regarding your website management process. 
4. A summary of website development experience. 
5. A listing of existing client references. 
6. A time frame for completion of the work. 
7. Contact information. 

All proposals should be received by October 25, 2013. Please submit your proposal by mail to: 

Dale Zuchlewski 
Homeless Alliance of WNY 
960 Main Street 
Buffalo, NY 14202 



The deliverable date for the revised website is January 1st, 2014.