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Request for Proposals Oregon College Access Network Provider Directory and Web Site Rebuild - June 2013

Request for Proposals Oregon College Access Network Provider Directory and Web Site Rebuild


The nonprofit Oregon College Access Network (OrCAN) is accepting proposals to rebuild the OrCAN web site and develop an online, sortable, searchable database to be used as a directory of providers. The database will need to be integrated into the new OrCAN web site and be able to generate a variety of hardcopy reports for both member users and administrators. The purpose of creating this database is twofold: to better connect professionals throughout the state of Oregon in ways that will help improve the college access services for students and to add value to membership subscriptions to the OrCAN organization.

Proposal Guidelines and Requirements

This is an open and competitive process. Proposals received after June 24, 2013, will not be considered and will be returned unopened. If you wish to submit alternate solutions, please do so. The price quoted should be inclusive. If your price excludes certain fees or charges, you must provide a detailed list of excluded fees with a complete explanation of the nature of those fees. Provisions of this RFP and the contents of the successful responses are considered available for inclusion in final contractual obligations.

Project Background and Scope

OrCAN exists to help Oregonians overcome barriers to education and training beyond high school. We do this by being the statewide hub for data and information; connecting people and organizations; sharing knowledge and resources; providing professional development and networking opportunities; and educating key leaders and policy makers about supporting preparation and persistence beyond high school. Professionals who work with Oregon students and provide financial aid guidance, career counseling, college admission test preparation, scholarship information, or other college access related programs rely on OrCAN to provide connections, resources, and information. The network consists of a team of professionals throughout the state with specific education, training, experience, and knowledge in providing greater opportunities for Oregonians. We are program managers, scholarship administrators, financial aid professionals, youth mentors, workforce retraining specialists, and many others. We work for the common good of Oregon and its citizens to build college access programs in the state. OrCAN provides professionals the resources they need, in the area of the state in which they live, to aid individuals in the successful transition from high school, unemployment, or the workforce, into postsecondary education.

The concept that informed this project evolved from a discussion on provider needs in Oregon. A team of volunteers designed the database specifications. The database will need to integrate with the OrCAN web site (Drupal) and membership management system (CiviCRM).

The OrCAN web site requires re-design of the theme and information architecture, and full migration onto the Drupal platform. The new web site design will need to be user friendly for unskilled administrators to manage content.

Member users will need to be able to submit and update their own information to the database. The content of the program provider directory will need to be exportable and able to generate a variety of hardcopy reports and data visualization, such as scattergrams and other charts.

Proposals may include, but are not required to provide options for hosting and maintenance.


This RFP is dated May 23, 2013.

Proposals are due no later than June 24, 2013. Proposals will be evaluated immediately thereafter. We may request up to three candidates for interviews with our evaluation team prior to selection. Candidates will be notified five working days in advance if this is requested.

We anticipate a selection will be made between July 8 and July 19, 2013.

Work will begin immediately upon agreement of a contract.

System Specifications

OS/Hosting Type: Linux
PHP Version: PHP 5.3 or greater
MySQL/MariaDB: 5.5 or greater
Drupal 7.x

Proposals Must Include:

• Firm name, address, and name, telephone number and e-mail address of primary contact person.
• Proposed process for completing the web site re-design and provider directory database, including testing and anticipated involvement of OrCAN
• Deliverables and timeline
• Total project costs, including a detailed budget and any recurring costs
• Capacity of the firm, including resources, and security policies and practices
• Qualifications of the consultants and developers who will be working on the project and the amount of time each will be committing to this project while it is underway
• Statement of the firm’s internal diversity and equity policies and practices, and any certifications as minority-owned, women-owned, or emerging small business
• References to at least three other similar projects completed within the last three years, including project contact information, description of the project, and URL

Proposals should be submitted electronically by Monday, June 24, 2013, at 5:00 pm to:
Jennifer Satalino

Any questions must be submitted by e-mail to All questions must be received by June 18, 2013.

Incomplete proposals will be rejected.

Project Specifications

Successful vendor will build a sortable and searchable database of programs dedicated to helping students gain access to postsecondary education and training opportunities. This specification sheet describes the types of information to be captured in an online registration form. For complete details of all data to be collected in the directory please contact

The database has three defined sections:
• Program Description
• Population Served Description
• Services Offered Description

Reporting capabilities
Member Reports
• Searchable by keyword
• Searchable by all drop-down categories
• Searchable by county or city

Administrative Reports
All member report capabilities with the addition of the following:
• Generate mailing lists
• Identify expired memberships
• Reports on members and non-members
• Reach of program (numbers served)

• People Description
This data will integrate with the basic registration data currently on the OrCAN web site.
Depending upon the scope of the project, this system may replace the current registration form.
• Program Description
Eliciting information specific to the program or service offered for prospective students.
• Population Served Description
Eliciting information about the populations being served by the program or service.
• Services Offered
Eliciting data on the types of services offered.
• Additional Information

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