Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Request for Proposal National Association of Team Survivor - Website Re-Design

 Request for Proposal  National Association of Team Survivor - Website Re-Design

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION  Developers wishing to submit proposals should do so no later than August 13, 2013.  Proposals should be sent by email to: info@teamsurvivor.org and should include links to developer’s own website as well as to other sites they have developed in the past 24 months. Questions concerning this RFP may be directed to The National Association of Team Survivor (NATS) board of directors, also at: info@teamsurvivor.org.

The current website for NATS www.teamsurvivor.org was created approximately 6 years ago. It consists of static website pages and contains nearly 50 pages with roughly 2 photographs per page. The layout and navigation is poor and making changes or updates to the site is difficult and not user-friendly.

The Board of Directors of NATS is interested in receiving proposals to create a professional, clean, responsive and dynamic website resource for our affiliates and their members.  The finished product should have a consistent look and feel to all pages (fonts, graphics and color schemes), load rapidly and provide easy navigation between pages. The new site should be a responsive / mobile-friendly site that is easily viewed and navigated on mobile devices, however, it is not required that the site be specifically designed and developed as a “Mobile” site.
The existing site, www.teamsurvivor.org  should be used as an example of what is required on the new site.  The new site should include but not be limited to:

1. Links to corporate sponsors and our national charity event, The Iron Girl Triathlon series
2. Skin third-party interfaces for seamless user experiences to sites such as Active.com for member registrations to events and CaféPress.com for Merchant services
3. Affiliates page, with links to existing Affiliate sites
4. Affiliate page ‘template’ to be used when new affiliates are formed as their new website
5. All photos and references to Danskin (prior corporate and event sponsor) must be removed
6. Be registered with the major search engines to ensure the website is listed
7. Be Search Engine Optimized so the website can be found when Internet users search for the website using keyword phrases
8. Use a Content Management System (CMS) capable of being maintained and updated by NATS, including the ability to:
a. Upload images and place into website pages
b. Easily create and add new website pages

The website should have a modern, contemporary design, which utilizes the existing NATS logo and color. The new website should use several main navigation links or graphics, with drop-down lists of sub-pages so the user can easily navigate to any website page within the website.

Proposals should include: Location of host servers, Number of servers, Server up-rate%. It is anticipated that NATS personnel will update page content as needed, therefore proposals should include quotes for initial training in site maintenance. Proposals should include quotes to have the site's creator maintain the site as well. 

Website technology should ensure all best-practices are in place for future site growth.  Proposals should include all software, interfaces, analytics etc. that developer intends to implement.

Proposals will be evaluated based on previous experience creating similar websites, quality of previous work, time to completion and costs.
Proposals should specifically include:

1. A list of similar websites created within the past 36 months, including the web address and contact person at the organization/corporation for which the site was created.
2. Project timeline
3. Costs by:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Programming
  • Monthly Hosting fee
  • Hourly Rate for Training NATS users to make changes to the site
  • Other fees not listed here 

    For more information about the RFP, Please visit: http://www.teamsurvivor.org/news.aspx?28

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