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Rockland Business Women’s Network ( Website Redesign - Request for Proposals

Rockland Business Women’s Network ( Website Redesign Request for Proposals

Project Summary

RBWN currently has a website, designed and built in 2007, at We
are in need of a new site that incorporates new architecture, design, a responsive design
viewable on all devices, with a password protected member section and password
protected admin section where all organizational information and member database is

Organization Information

About RBWN (Rockland Business Women’s Network) RBWN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to women empowering women through networking and education. The RBWN originated in 1979.

The Rockland Business Women’s Network (RBWN) supports and empowers women by providing networking and educational opportunities. This non-profit organization focuses on leadership and professional development, building personal and professional relationships, and community support through scholarships and training. RBWN is dedicated to women helping women.


Types of Visitors

We are targeting the following types of visitors to our website:

• Current RBWN members
• Prospective members
• Similar organizations in the Tri-State area

Generally speaking, visitors to our site are not the most technically savvy users (i.e.,
nonprofit and foundation staff members, government officials, etc), so we want to make
sure we’re not overwhelming people with technical “bells and whistles.”

Site Statistics

We are using Google Analytics to track all of our sites information. We hope to increase
our visibility and visitors with our new site. Detailed data can be provided upon request.
We haven't yet defined all our metrics for success for this project, but we hope to do this
in collaboration with our vendor.

Site Structure and Content

Our existing site has some content that we would like to reuse, provided it's still useful
after the redesign process.

The organization of information will need to be restructured in order to make it easy to use for all target audiences. We are open to categorizing information in whatever way makes sense to the site visitor, and are looking for guidance on this issue from our developer. Once we have developed the new site architecture, we will tag content appropriately to appear in as many contexts as needed.

We list here the major categories of content that we know we will want to include in the new site. Again, this will require a detailed discovery phase where we collectively decide what content we want on the site, and how we want to organize it.

RBWN: Background information.
  • Our vision for the future: as stated in our mission statement. Social innovation, spreading what works, directing resources based on demonstrated social impact
  • Background: We have one part time staff member, our Administrative Assistant. All other work is done on a volunteer basis by our membership.
  • Opportunities to engage: An interactive platform that invites people to participate in conversations started on the site’s blog and on additional pages for our initiatives, comment on resources made available on the site or suggest new ones to include, learn about upcoming events, find opportunities to support our social innovators, etc.
  • Services and Resources for our members, prospective members and the general public.

Graphic Design

We have existing logos for RBWN and some of our initiatives, as well as a color palette that serves the entire organization. We don't have an in-house graphic designer, however we do have source files (EPS, etc.) for most logos and images which we can repurpose or redesign as needed.

High Level Functionality

This is not a comprehensive list of all functionality that the site will have, but it gives a representative idea of the types of things we are looking to do.
  1. We would like to have downloads for PDFs, images, audio, and embeddable video with YouTube, and Flickr slideshows
  2. We would like to have podcasts, podcast archives, and RSS feeds for these
  3. We would like to use Google Custom Search.
  4. Three areas of our site, the member services section and member database, organization minutes/by-laws will require password protection for some of the documents and pages available there.
  5. Site Administration, user levels: Admin, Content Editor, Authenticated Users, others as needed. 

Design/Look and Feel

We will have some basic design standards as a result of our brand engagement and will
want the Web designer’s help with translating our brand and look and feel into the site.


Our total budget for this project is $5,000. We have hosting; maintenance is not included
in the budgeted amount. Vendor may submit an additional proposal for annual

Vendor Selection Criteria

When selecting a vendor for this project, we will be evaluating candidates on the following criteria:
  • Experience with creating sites that build communities and have interactive features (blogs, discussion forums, etc.).
  • Experience working with nonprofit organizations
  • Solid information architecture skills for organizing content in ways that are intuitive to the site visitor 
  • Vendor takes a holistic approach to an organization’s web presence (e.g., insight into integrating social media platforms, campaign tracking mechanisms, etc.)

Proposed Timeline

We would like to begin this project in September, 2013. We do not have a specific deadline for completion, but we would like it to take no longer than 6 months for design and development. We recognize that loading content can be a time-consuming process, and would not count that against the schedule.

Contact Information

Please direct all responses to this RFP and/or any questions to:
PO Box 408
Nyack, NY 10960

We would like to have all proposals by no later than AUGUST 27 so we can make a
decision to go with a specific vendor by SEPTEMBER 12.

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