Friday, 28 February 2014

RFP :: Development of a WordPress site

This is a request for proposals to support the development and launch of a new WordPress based website for Illuman – an organization whose mission is supporting men seeking to develop a mature masculine spirituality.

Illuman worked with a branding agency to create an inspiring brand that invites men to do their spiritual work. This project takes the output from the brand creation process and builds it into a WordPress template. All graphic files are available as high quality .psd files that can be easily converted into any of the WordPress acceptable graphic file formats.

About Illuman
Illuman is a newly-formed 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with a deep and rich history of leading men’s work through retreats and a life-long program called ‘The Journey of Illumination.” Our work was initially inspired by the work of Fr. Richard Rohr; today, a group of eleven “Wisdom Elders” have succeeded Fr. Rohr as the inspiration and guides to our work with men. The organization has a growing international and US-based presence.

Website Requirements

Our plan is to install a platform that can be extended and will scale. The first iteration of the website will be focused on communicating our mission, outreach, and background information about men’s spirituality and the Journey of Illumination. Future iterations of the website will allow for community engagement and database integration. The website should include the option to integrate with other social media platforms and the syndication of content posted on the website.

Functional Requirements

Our choice of WordPress for the website build is driven by CMS/ease of use considerations.

The website build will include the following functions:
• List upcoming events
• Listing of regional contacts with ‘click to email’ functionality
• Newsletter integration with Constant Contact (including ability to subscribe and view archives).
• Donations via Wells Fargo Bank (or paypal)
• Ability to submit form indicating interest in an event
• Search
• Links to Illuman FB, LinkedIn and other Illuman social media pages.
• Optional – integration with Eventbrite (we are not currently leveraging Eventbrite).

Envisioned Pages
• Landing page (home – blog page)
• Journey of Illumination
• About Illuman
• Connect (regional contacts)
• Stories
• Events
• Resources
• Donations

Technical Requirements
• WordPress platform

Not Required
• Illuman will contract separately with a hosting company (but would like to hear your input)

 RFP Submissions
In responding to this RFP, please provide a reasonably detailed plan indicating the following:

• Overall approach and philosophy including brief biography and list of qualifications
• Examples of three sites developed that are similar to this project
• References for the above sites. They will be contacted only after a preliminary selection in your favor has been made. Contact information should include email address , phone number and contact name.
• Steps in the development process
• Timelines associated with each step
• Cost associated with each step
• Hourly rate for any on-going maintenance.
• Payment terms and conditions
• Provide in your proposal any additional information required but not specifically requested. Include comments and rationale for any exceptions to the RFP requirements
• Proposals must be signed by an official of your firm authorized to bind your firm to the offer presented within your firm’s submission.

Proposals submitted should indicate any discounted rates provided to not-for-profit organizations.

Submissions should be sent by email to

• The deadline for receiving responses is 3PM PST on March 7th, 2014.
• It is expected that a vendor will be selected by March 8th, 2014. 

The desired launch of the new branding and website is March 31st, 2014.

 Points of Contact is Designate and provide with your submission a point of contact together with contact information.
Budget: $1,000 - $4000 

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