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Request for Proposal Website Development

Request for Proposal Website Development

Website Development for the German European School Manila (GESM), a department of the European International School (EIS)

The European International School (EIS) is a joint venture of the German European School Manila (GESM) and the Lycée Français de Manille (LFM, French School of Manila). The GESM is the best and first choice for German speaking families and for families with a pronounced interest in German and European education and culture. The GESM provides excellent education in German and English, following internationally accepted and renowned standards.

Several years ago, GESM launched a website (, complete with a fresh design and a new Content Management Server (CMS). GESM is now seeking to refine design and functionality features in order to create a better user and manager experience.

The GESM is focused on growth stemming from a range of activities and audiences. The Web Site should accommodate this range of accessibility.

=> Audience segments include: Recruiting (Students, Parents, Staff, Faculty)
=> Research (Researchers, Faculty, Private Industry)
=> Constituents (Legislature, Government)

=> Donors (Private, Government Entities)

Scope of Work
GESM is soliciting proposals for an overhaul of its Website Design and Development project.

The project will include:
1. Coding and CMS integration
2. Template modification and development
3. Navigation resolutions
4. Load time optimization and Issue resolution of current website
5. Design and feature recommendations Within your quote, please indicate timeframes and specific cost breakdowns for each aspect of the project. The Financial Proposal must include the cost of meeting initial deliverables outlined below. Ideas that exceed this list of minimum deliverables may be included in an addendum to the Financial Proposal. The selected Consultant will be expected to provide the deliverables according to an agreed‐upon timeline.

2 Minimum Deliverables

1. Coding and CMS integration of updated global header, primary navigation and footer sections.
2. Development and CMS integration of a video player (preferably non‐Flash‐based)
3. Incorporation of breadcrumb navigation system on all CMS page templates
4. Incorporation of social media sharing widget on all CMS page templates
5. Development of non‐Flash method for pulling in social media photo feed and displaying in a slideshow format
6. Modified template for GESM Landing Page
7. Modified template for GESM Home Page
8. Incorporation of News/blogging functionality within individual sites
9. Incorporation of workflow feature that provides a notice when pages need updated
10. GESM News RSS feed that displays properly in standard browsers
11. Fixed sitemap content type that displays structure of individual site
12. Option to exclude parent‐level navigation items within a site
13. Incorporation of a secure password protected page for internal stakeholders that will host the school’s circular and other documents
14. German/English website and language choice via a language choice landing page
15. Consideration of Responsive Web Design requirements
16. Develop Work Plan and Schedule
17. Complement of Social Media tools
18. Mobile Access
19. Website tracking and analytics
20. Search Engine Optimization tools and methods are applied
21. System and process report for tracking of issues and bugs
22. The provider trains GESM staff in charge of maintaining the website in all relevant processes for applying content updates and minor design changes.

GESM will supply visual comps of the modified and new web page designs. These designs and functionality will need coded into HTML, CSS and the appropriate scripting language and then incorporated into new and existing page templates within the Content Management System.

Project Timeline
Please provide a detailed timeline of all aspects of the project. The timeline should indicate the length of time per aspect of each project, as well as the final completion of deliverables.

3 Financial Proposal

Please provide a detailed cost analysis of the project. Provide a flat fee for the entire project, and address the breakdown of costs per individual aspects of the project. For potential work occurring after the completion of the project (updates, extra work) please indicate a daily and hourly cost per staff involved.

Representatives from the Contractor will be required to attend and participate in meeting(s) with GESM stakeholders. Travel expenses, if any, must be included in initial quote.

Contractor Information
Please provide a brief history of your key personnel that will be directly related to this project (including names, titles, years of experience and a brief biography). Furthermore, include information regarding the financial stability of your Contractor and its ability to fulfill the requirements of this RFP.

Contact information for a minimum of three (3) references for which your Contractor has provided services similar to those described in this RFP. References from institutions of (higher) education with comparable environments are preferred.

Provide any technical information relevant to the project. (Content management software used, browser compatibility or limitations, integration of third party portals, etc.)

Explain process to be used, including applications and software. Sample home page illustrating a vision for the GESM website.

Minimum Mandatory Qualifications

Following are the minimum mandatory qualifications Bidders must meet in order to be
considered for award.

=> A minimum of 3 years experience in Website design and development 
=>Ability to execute project without employing subcontractors.

Inputs and Duration of Assignment:

The project period is expected to begin in April 2014 and shall be completed by June 2014.
The service delivery location is at the EIS, Manila.
The services will be based on a fixed sum contract, mutually agreed upon.

4 Selection Criteria:

The proposals will be evaluated on:
a. Comprehensiveness of framework and methodology (40%);
b. Indicated time frame for the project (10%);
c. Price (30%) and
d. Consultant's and team's experience and capabilities (20%).

Submission of Proposal:

To enable GESM to select a consultant, a combined technical‐financial proposal and
information on the consultants’ experience and competence relevant to the assignment should be submitted.

The most appropriate firm will be selected by GESM and invited to negotiate the contract.
Should negotiations fail, GESM will start negotiations with the next ranked firm until an
agreement is reached.

GESM is open for individual discussions and clarifications with prospective Consultants before they submit the proposal. Interested parties can request for clarification meetings until 27 March 2014.

We expect your proposals by 30 March 2014, 9:00 AM Manila time to be delivered at the School Administration Office or via email to

Note: GESM reserves the right to discontinue this process without the need to provide

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