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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Website Design and Implementation

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Website Design and Implementation

Date: 05/02/2014
Contact: Tom Doyle
Technology Teacher
Telephone: (860) 228-9493

RFP Advertised : 05/02/2014
RFP Issued : 05/02/2014
RFP Closing : 05/16/2014
Interviews/Presentations : 05/28/2014
Contract Award : 06/06/2014
Project Start : 06/09/2014

Horace Porter School is seeking the services of a qualified firm in the dynamic, engaging website redesign of the school’s existing website to provide easy access to information for parents, student, teachers and citizens. The updated website will encompass Horace Porter School’s current goals to promote and market the superior quality education and services provided. The redesigned website must be user-friendly, intuitive, informative, and mobile-friendly.

A. Redesign the website with a new look and feel that reflects the School’s strengths.
B. Modern and visually appealing aesthetics.
C. Improved website information architecture to provide easy navigation and accessibility of the site to services, information and activities.
D. A design architecture that will allow for easy accommodation of new pages and features.
E. Responsive design for mobile/tablet flexibility at all resolution scales.
F. Integration to third party tools, including Pearson PowerSchool.
G. Ability to better market and promote values, educational benefits and services provided by Horace Porter School.

Services Provided by the Vendor

Website Design
The vendor shall redesign the Horace Porter School’s current website, as outlined as follows:

1. Redesigning the website with a new aesthetic that reflects the School’s strengths.
2. All pages must be consistent, look professional, and enhance the image of the School.
3. Improve the website information architecture to provide easy navigation and accessibility of the site to services, information, and activities.
4. A technical architecture that will allow for easy accommodation of new pages and features, in addition to future sub-sites.
5. Develop a responsive design for mobile/tablet flexibility.
6. Usage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
7. Password protected pages for internal staff pages.
8. Alerts banners for easy notifications to the public.
9. Functionality for E-notifications via text or email.
10. Ensure that the website will operate effectively on all web browser platforms (Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).
11. Ensure that website uses latest Security technologies to prevent compromise.
12. Compliance with ADA/508 Federal Standards.
13. Must have integrated calendar functionality for multiple calendars.
14. Must have multiple directories.
15. Ability to have integrated/fillable forms. Preference to be able to upload data into PowerSchool.
16. Ability to create or generate reports on system data.
17. Ability to have a standard feature blog.

Vendor should include any alternative or innovative solutions which are not listed, but would benefit this project.

The Vendor shall be responsible for training designated school employees on how to use the solution so that staff is fluent on how to use and maintain the applicable software. Training may take place on-site at a mutually agreed upon location, or may be offered via online format. At a minimum, the vendor must provide two (2) days of four (4) hour training. Separate training classes should include: 

=> System Administrators: Up to 5 

=> Teachers/Staff: Up to 60

In addition, availability of training videos for ongoing support and future staff is desired.

Hosting and Support

Vendor will supply annual hosting and maintenance of site. Support should include unlimited telephone support during business hours with escalation response depending on the isssues.


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