Friday, 4 July 2014

Request for Proposals – Website Redesign Services

Request for Proposals – Website Redesign Services

The Long Creek Watershed Management District (LCWMD) is seeking qualification statements, design proposals , and fee schedules from qualified parties to plan, execute , and deliver the redesign of the LCWMD website ( ) under contract with LCWMD. The LCWMD point of contact for this Request for Proposals (RFP) is Christopher Brewer (207.892.4700 or ).

One hard copy of the RFP Proposals must be received by the LCWMD c/o CCSWCD at 35 Main Street, Suite 3, Windham, ME 04062 o n or before 2:00 PM on July 2 7 , 2014 (Due Date). RFP submittals must be sealed and clearly marked: “Proposal for Website Redesign Services for the Long Creek Watershed Management District.” Proposers also must submit an electronic (PDF format) copy to the L CWMD point of contact. 

All comments/questions regarding the RFP must be received by 2 :00 PM on July 1 1 , 2014 for inclusion. An Addendum to the RFP will be issued, if necessary, on or before the end of business on July 2 4 , 2014 . Receipt of the Addendum (if issued) must be acknowledged in the first paragraph of the proposal statement narrative. Proposals not acknowledging receipt of the Addendum will not be accepted and will be returned.

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