Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Citizens League Website Redevelopment Request for Proposals 2013

Citizens League Website Redevelopment Request for Proposals

The Citizens League involves people of all backgrounds, parties and ideologies to create and advance solutions for Minnesota.

Citizens League Mission

We build civic imagination and capacity in Minnesota by:

  1. Identifying, framing and proposing solutions to public policy problems;
  2. Developing civic leaders in all generations who govern for the common good; and
  3. Organizing the individual and institutional relationships necessary to achieve these goals.

Citizens League Values
1. We believe in human capacity: the power and potential of all citizens.
2. We believe in democracy and good governance.
3. We believe in civic leadership and active citizenship.
4. We believe in good politics and political competence.
5. We believe in institutional accountability: that all institutions must sustain these ideals from one generation to the next.

Website Redevelopment: Project Scope and Functional Requirements

The current Citizens League website was instituted in 2005 and uses the Movable Type 
publishing platform. It was refurbished in 2012 for an updated look, but we seek a complete overhaul using the information architecture and wireframe design developed in 2012 as the starting point.
This starting point was developed in consultation with Padilla Speer Beardsley, who worked with us in 2012 to identify three potential membership personae we have identified which are compatible with us, based on our mission and values, and to which we are orienting our communications efforts in 2013 and beyond.
Among the services we need from a redevelopment partner are: 

  • Design
  • Front end and back end development
  • Content entry and testing
  • Launch and training
  • Hosting and maintenance

Proposal deadline is Feb. 4. We plan to select a redevelopment partner by March 4.
Please submit proposals to:
Communications Manager Larry Schumacher

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