Tuesday, 22 January 2013

RFP for Drupal Upgrade Project

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Request for Proposal (RFP) for Drupal Upgrade Project

The Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums (COFAM) is the organization that oversees and manages both the de Young Museum and the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, along with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, a department of the City and County of San Francisco. 

We seek proposals to provide services to upgrade our website so we can make use of recent advances in Drupal and related technologies.

Build and test Drupal 7 development, staging, and production environment on our servers. Upgrade our website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Upgrade current Zen subthemes to Zen 7.5.

Retain most of the current branding, content, and information architecture, but use responsive design to enable our website to display appropriate formats on devices ranging from mobile phones to tablets to full-sized monitors. The Marketing Department will provide guidelines for changes to design as needed.

Build a mobile application on top of the Drupal back-end that provides logistical information about the Museums (hours of operation, ticket prices, location, etc.).

We wish to upgrade and revise our current site, www.famsf.org and sub-pages, not including

  • tickets.famsf.org
  • shop.famsf.org
  • deyoung.famsf.search-collections
  • legionofhonor.famsf.search-collections
The new website must be compatible with current versions of all major browsers, including but not limited to Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.
The mobile app must be compatible with at least

  • Current iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini.
  • Current Android smart phones and tablets.
  • As many other current mobile devices as practical, such as Kindle Fire, Nook, Windows 8 phones and tablets
We expect this work to be completed in approximately three months starting as soon as possible. Proposers who require more information should contact Scott Plakun, Senior Consultant for Information Technology, at 415-750-8901 or via email at DrupalProject@famsf.org.

Task Role and Collaborators Target time-frame
Build and test Drupal 7 development, staging, and production environments on COFAM Windows servers Lead the effort, working with Webmaster and IT Department. February, 2013
Install and test existing website in Drupal 7 development environment Provide expertise and consultation to Webmaster and Web Developer. February, 2013
Replace function of modules utilized in Drupal 6 but implemented differently, or not available, in Drupal 7. Lead the effort, working with Webmaster and Web Developer. March, 2013
Upgrade custom sub-themes as needed. Lead the effort, working with Webmaster and Web Developer. March, 2013
Optimize the website’s use of Responsive Design Provide expertise and consultation to Webmaster and Web Developer. March, 2013
Build a “logistics” app in a generic mobile development tool such as Phone Gap Provide expertise and consultation to Webmaster and Web Developer. April, 2013
Migrate new website to staging and then production Drupal 7 environments; test; deploy. Provide expertise and consultation to Web Developer and Webmaster. May, 2013

Documentation and training to be provided by contractor for each task as appropriate.
Contractor will work primarily within the IT staff. Direction will come primarily from the Director of Information Technology, working closely with the Director of Marketing.
Contractor will work closely with the IT Operations staff, a Web Programmer (TBA), and the Webmaster (in the Marketing Department).

Organizational stakeholders will review and provide feedback on creative design and overall look and feel. Prior to the site’s formal launch, we will have agreed milestones and corresponding periods of testing to ensure site functionality and stability.

Contractor and all personnel who work on the project must have:

  • Strong expertise in Drupal 7.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with minimal direction in a complex matrix organization.
  • Ability to be attentive to details, service, available budget and deadlines
  1. A letter of interest. The letter should provide three references with addresses and current telephone numbers and a brief outline of accomplishments that demonstrate the responder as qualified to provide the required services.
  2. Responder’s background. Provide summary of the responder’s background, its focus, principals and scope and nature of services routinely provided.
  3. Resumes. If your proposal is to assign multiple individuals to the project, provide a resume of each key staff member to be assigned.
  4. Pricing. Provide hourly rates for staff proposed for this work or an overall project price.
If selected, firms will need to agree to hold harmless the various entities associated with the management of the Museums, or to provide evidence of insurance as follows:
  1. Worker's Compensation (limit $1,000,000)
  2. General Liability (limit $2,000,000)
  3. Automobile (limit $1,000,000)
  4. Professional Liability Insurance ($2,000,000)
Commercial General Liability and Business Automobile Liability Insurance policies shall be endorsed to provide the following:

Name as Additional Insured: The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, The Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums, The Fine Arts Museums Foundation, Trustees, Officers, Directors, Agents and Employees of all the above listed entities; the City and County of San Francisco, its Officers, Agents, and Employees. Proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. on January 31, 2013 and should be submitted via email to DrupalProject@famsf.org.

The materials submitted in response to this RFP must establish the qualifications of the proposer to perform the scope of work. COFAM will conduct interviews with the firms after proposals have been received and reviewed. The award of the contract, if it is to be awarded, will be to the proposer(s) whose proposal complies with all the requirements prescribed and presents documentation of the best overall qualifications to provide Drupal upgrade services in the least amount of elapsed time at the best price. Such award, if made, will be made within thirty (30) days after the submission of the proposals.

COFAM reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and/or waive any irregularities in any bid proposal received. COFAM shall notify the successful proposer and will issue a contract for the work. If requested, a certificate of insurance shall be submitted to COFAM within five (5) business days of execution of the contract.

I look forward to receiving your proposal.

Very truly yours,
Scott Plakun
Senior Consultant for Information Technology