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Request for Proposal - Bush Foundation Website Enhancements and Support April 24, 2013

Request for Proposal - Bush Foundation Website Enhancements and Support April 24, 2013

Project Summary: The Bush Foundation seeks a website development firm to enhance the Foundation’s current website ( by incorporating new functionality and enhancing existing functionality.  The website is built on Drupal 7, and the firm must be able to effectively work within the Drupal 7 platform.  The selected firm will work closely with the Bush Foundation’s communications staff to develop the functionality and ensure they meet the needs of the Foundation. Ongoing technical support of the website is desired.

Because the Foundation focuses its activities on Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geography, we are very unlikely to select a development firm from outside that area.

A proposal is desired by end of day Friday, May 17, 2013.

Project Background: The Bush Foundation’s current website was launched in May 2011.  The current website has many features that work well; however, new needs have arisen due to a new strategic framework led by a new president. We seek a website development firm that will help us meet the new needs and that is willing to work in a phased approach of development. The firm should be interested in being a long-term partner that will provide ongoing support and potentially future development. The firm will work with communications staff who are knowledgeable in website development and Drupal.  There is also a preview website for testing that mirrors the public website.  Enhancing the preview website would also be part of the project.

Project Scope: The project will require the following involvement and deliverables:
  • Analyze the current Bush Foundation website to identify performance issues that may impact the website enhancements outlined in this document. Propose a plan and budget to fix these issues in consultation with Bush Foundation communications staff.
  • Work with the Bush Foundation's communications staff to design new layouts and organize revised website content using a new strategic framework (under development).
  • Develop wireframes and other UX elements.
  • Develop a searchable grants database.  Explore the possibility of dynamic updates from the GIFTS SQL database. If dynamic updates are not possible, develop a searchable grants database that supports frequent importing of data (for example, via .xlsx or .csv files).
  • Develop functionality to allow grantees to report and share stories related to their work.
  • Enhance the ability to link content.  For example, the story a grantee shares about their work would be linked to their grant in the database.
  • Provide ongoing technical support for the website. 
Proposal Requirements:
  • A brief description of the process you would use to interact with Foundation staff in all phases of the project and to provide the deliverables described.
  • Information about any special considerations for developing the website functionality.
  • Samples of at least three website projects that demonstrate your experience and effectiveness in building Drupal websites.
  • A summary of the professional background and skills of the developers who would be assigned to this project.
  • A price estimate for development and project management services with your underlying assumptions. A broad range estimate is acceptable.
  • Contact information for at least three clients. 
Selection Process: The Foundation will interview up to four respondents to explore the development firm’s capabilities, ideas, and questions, and to evaluate what the working relation would be like, before it selects a single development firm. A proposal revisal may be required after the pitch and interview. We intend to select a website development firm by June 7, 2013.

Evaluation Criteria:
  • Quality of previous work and experience, including extensive experience in the creation of Drupal web platforms.
  • Experience working with nonprofits or foundations.
  • Ability to deliver proposal requirements in the suggested timeframe.
  • Cost effectiveness. 
Assumptions: The Bush Foundation is not liable for any cost associated with the preparation of the proposal or any other costs incurred by any firm or individuals prior to their selection as the developer.

Submitting your proposal: Please submit one copy by end of day on Friday, May 17, 2013, via email or mail to:
Brian Fier
Bush Foundation
332 Minnesota Street, Suite E900
Saint Paul, MN  55101
(651) 379-2270

Please note that Brian Fier will be out of the office April 29 - May 5, 2013. Questions will be answered before or after those days.

Thank you in advance for your response and your interest in the Bush Foundation.


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