Thursday, 3 October 2013

Website Redesign: Request for Proposal (RFP)


The Homeless Alliance of Western New York (HAWNY) is a not-profit independent organization of over one hundred organizations working together to facilitate dialogue and strategic action to end homelessness and promote public policies that address the needs of persons experiencing homelessness and low-income population. 

Project Background 

HAWNY website address is . The website was created for the purpose of providing a free information resource that is addressing issues related to poverty and homelessness in our community. 

What prompted the redesign of the website? 

  • The site in general is dated and difficult to navigate. 
  • We are using WordPress to manage the web page but it’s not easy to navigate the changes. 
  • We want the site to better describe what we do as a Continuum of Care. 
  • Need to consolidate the BAS-NET page which is currently set as a Word Press file. 
  • The Poverty Challenge page needs more visual impact 
  • The site should list our partners and those that receive funding 
  • Links to homeless and poverty data such as our annual reports, local and national research papers from our partners is not easy to find. 
  • We need a human services information page that is easily accessible to the public that will link people and providers to programs and services or 211. 
  • The site does not have a readily accessible contact form. 
  • Links do not open in a different tab.
  • We can’t upload files larger than 2 MB and this limits our research page. We are currently linking files to Sky Drive. 
  • Need page for both staff and board members. 
  • The email boxes are currently limited. We need about 7-10 email boxes with a minimum capacity of 250MB each. 
  • Not easy for people to find minutes and agendas of our monthly meetings. 

Project Goals 

1. To make it easier for readers to find content 
2. To make the website more visually appealing, but very easy to navigate 
3. Integration with social media 
4. To have a user friendly web creator 
5. Expand our membership user and research base 

Target Audiences 

The target audiences are as follows: 

HAWNY members 
The General public 
Human Service providers 
Policy Makers 
Members of the media 

Web Hosting 
We are currently using Blue Domino for web/email hosting but are open to changing. 


The Homeless Alliance will write the copy for the redesigned site with the assistance from the vendor. 

Content Management and Ownership 

The content of the website will be managed in-house by non-technical staff. The staff will be required to undergo some basic training on how to do updates. The Homeless Alliance will own all content and design. 

Required Elements  

  1. A dynamic donation page 
  2. A real blog with approved users 
  3. Social media integration 
  4. Internal search for services, documents 
  5. A calendar of events page 
  6. Unlimited or larger capacity web space and email 

ADA Compliance 

The website should be compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Traffic Reporting 

Google analytics currently installed but are open to suggestions as to the improvement of traffic reporting. 

Proposal Instructions 

As part of your proposal, please address the following: 

1. Project Budget. The budget should also include hourly cost for maintenance if needed, troubleshooting and training of staff on how to do website updates. 
2. Your approach to website design. 
3. Details regarding your website management process. 
4. A summary of website development experience. 
5. A listing of existing client references. 
6. A time frame for completion of the work. 
7. Contact information. 

All proposals should be received by October 25, 2013. Please submit your proposal by mail to: 

Dale Zuchlewski 
Homeless Alliance of WNY 
960 Main Street 
Buffalo, NY 14202 



The deliverable date for the revised website is January 1st, 2014. 

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